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Member Duties

Responsibilities of National Advisory Council Members

Our hope is that alumni and friends who serve on the National Advisory Council will be able to assist with the following duties:

  • Participate in annual National Advisory Council meetings on campus, usually held in the fall each year. These meeting typically include opportunities to:
    • Provide advice and council to the member's home school/department
    • Participate in mentoring activities with students
    • Engage in discussion and provide counsel regarding major issues affecting the college
    • Learn more about current college operations and programs
    • Participate in university events (sporting events, art exhibits, etc.)
  • Provide counsel and assist with college/school/department special projects during the year as needed
  • Make an annual donation to support the college/school/department. (We do not require donation fees to participate like some other institutions, but we hope that all Council members will make an annual contribution as part of their service)
  • Serve as an advocate, ally, and cheerleader for BYU and the College in your home communities when opportunities arise
    • Share college successes with family, friends and neighbors
    • Inform prospective students and their families about opportunities in the college
    • Share college research where applicable
  • Connect with current and former students to provide internships, jobs, networking and other college to work transition opportunities when and wherever possible

Contact Laura Ricks (801-422-1320; or Scott Dunaway (801-422-3950; with any questions about the NAC or these responsibilities.